Building Kidz

If your child loves to build, create and imagine, you have come to the right place! 

Building Kidz introduces your child into the world of LEGO Robotics.  Celebrate your child's next birthday with us or have us at your next event.  LEGO projects and computers are used everywhere we go!


NEW!  Join us at Planet Swirl in Whippany for our birthday parties!  Children build, program and battle with LEGO robotics projects and then BUILD their own dessert!  The parties are OUT OF THIS WORLD! 

All Building Kidz' instructors and coaches make learning a hands-on and fun building experience!  Bonnie Spring brings nearly 20 years of teaching experience with a dual degree in Elementary and Special Education to Building Kidz.  She has also been leading LEGO Parties, coaching teams, and teaching classes with her staff for the past five years. 
 Additional staff are educators in elementary schools, preschools and summer camps; ALL of our staff just LOVE working with children!  


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